Meeting in Holland 6-10 June 2015

Thank you Holland for the meeting. We brought home many nice memories.



7.Customs and traditions

In this email you will tell about customs and traditions of your country and maybe of your region.

What is typically Dutch, French, German or Spanish?

Tell your partner about this and use the following subjects:

  1. Greeting each other

 How do people meet in your country? Do they shake hands? With a kiss? Or two? Where do they meet?  In families, on the street, in bars?

  1. Celebrations

How do you celebrate a birthday? Tell about a wedding. How do you celebrate New Year’s eve? What are the main official holidays in your country? How do you celebrate Christmas?Tell about special holidays in your region/country.

  1. Eating habits

Tell about eating habits on a regular day. Describe the dish.

  1. Religion

What is the main religion in your country? Tell about it. Are you religious? How do people practice their religion?

  1. Holidays

How do you spend your summer holidays and your winter holidays? Do you often go abroad? Where do you go?

  1. Culture

Tell something special about your culture. It may also be something from your region.

Add some pictures!


6.My School

In this email you introduce your  school to your match.

Write in your email about the following subjects:

  • Number of students ( in your class and at your school)
  • Tell about the number of courses, the times, how long is a school hour etc.)
  • What subjects? What are your favourite subjects? Why? What subjects don’t you like? Why not?
  • How many breaks ? On what times? Do you get food at school? Is there a possibility to buy food/drinks? Is there a place for leisure?
  • Travel time
  • Tell about rules your match should know when he visits your school.
  • Do you like your school? Why? Why not?

Add anything you want as long as it is about the school.

Add a picture of your school. Maybe you can send some more…